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Payroll Management

Choosing our payroll solution gives you a fast, intuitive and an in-house system coupled with our superior processing and payment service. It allows you to increase effectiveness and provide a better service to your employees, with minimal change to existing operating procedures. This service is delivered by our team of payroll specialists and includes legislative advice, tax

Housekeeping Services

“Facility Plus Services” offers High-quality Housekeeping Services to multinational companies, big corporate houses, schools, malls and more. Every time we serve, we ensure that we deliver quality services. We are well known for providing timely and superior quality of best in class Housekeeping Se

Pantry Services

We offer unmatched pantry services to our clients. We train our pantry staff time to time to satisfy the clients need.  The following proactive approach makes us different from many of our competitors : - Ø  Short on-time response Ø  Hygienic methodology Ø  Smart & well groomed Pantry staff

Staff Support Services

We deputes trained and qualified manpower for Office Support Services, Mail Room Services, Front Office Services, Chauffeurs, Riders, Maintenance staff such as Electricians/ Multi-Technicians etc. We also offers unmatched management system including MIS reporting

Security Services

Common knowledge defines Security as a state of freedom from risk or danger. It can also mean a state free from doubt, anxiety, or fear.  Generally when anyone considers hiring a security guard company, they reflect on hiring a police officer. The truth would be that the two are totally different.  there are a few steps you ought to make in an attemp

Pest Control Services

For “Facility Plus Services” health is first, and your would surprise to know that are countless ubiquitous substances found in nature that act as a repellent of pests. Herbal products are abundant sources of such qualities.  In india, due to prevailing climatic conditions ranging from temperate to subtropical, a variety of plants are used in diverse fields like commercial sani

Facade Cleaning

We emphasize on the beauty of your building that gives the impression of the reputation of the company,   cleaning of façade is predominance to keep the property looking great. The exterior of buildings is affected continuously by wind, rain etc. Facility Plus Services is intend to help our clients to enhance the life of thei

Carpet & Sofa Shampoo

Carpet Cleaning Facility Plus Services (FPS) is one of the leading company in India.  We provide professional carpet cleaning services to a wide range of customers throughout the country. We are renowned for our high quality, efficient carpet cleaning servi

Horticulture Services

Facility Plus is the leading company for Horticulture Service Provider in Delhi.

Best Security Services Provider in Delhi

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