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About us

“Facility Plus Services”, A Facility Management Company with a strong Facility Management Service background.  Our goal is to provide the best quality product such as Payroll management, Outsourcing, Security Services,Control Pest services,Pantry services,Support staff services ,Carpet & sofa shampoo services, Façade cleaning services, Horticulture Services, Guest House Maintenance, Floor Polishing & Housekeeping services etc. we are also intend to deliver clean, comfortable, attractive and safe environment with 100% satisfaction guaranteed at the very best prices. Our focused preventive maintenance program combined with routine annual maintenance contract follow-ups keep the plant and machinery continually operational and assets looking fresh. The breakdown maintenance are minimum but if occur are attended immediately to allow least down time period. Specially trained professionals approach each and every customer with honesty and integrity, confidently answering on a variety of questions, providing the safest, most effective techniques available and explaining the differences in how we work. Our experienced team members are ready and willing to help and guide through the whole process each time on time. Our world class services level makes us very different from many of our competitors. Service and attention to details is our way of life and comes naturally to each one of us. We are aware of the fact that it is this approach of all of us at Facility Plus Services, which is keeping us ahead and is one of our characteristics. In short span of time, “Facility Plus Services” has been able to benchmark service standards by providing clean, comfortable attractive and safe environment with biodegradable eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and state of the art equipment to renowned corporate business houses and hospitality sector in India. We promise that every time we provide you with a service, you touch quality, value and professionalism of the highest order. Let us show our commitment to you!  “Facility Plus Services” is a group, which specializes in providing all kinds of high quality solutions in world of Facility Management  Services. we have the passion for building a healthy relation day by day with the client by developing innovative methods to deliver high quality service. we are exploring the “Service Industry” continuously to expanded our expertise across a variety of Facility Management in order to serve the corporate more effectively. “Facility Plus Services” has a power of commitment to provide the right solution to clients need for their Payroll, Outsourcing, Security, housekeeping, Pest control etc.  we are helping the corporate to save their time money and efforts, while obtaining superior results, by providing the best of methods and accessories that work most effectively. we provides the world-class service to our clients with world class chemical and equipment. 

Facility Management Services

Our Vision

Facility Management Services
  • To be recognized as the India’s leading and most trusted Service Providers.

Our Mission

  • Achieving outstanding results efficiently.

    Employees are a company’s greatest asset, we intend to keep this assets safe and secure – they are an integral part of the organization’s mission.

Our Values

  • Integrity

    We engage in actions that follow our words and beliefs. We act with integrity in all we do by being respectful, honest, truthful, transparent.


    We encourage a pioneering spirit.


    We strive for excellence in everything we do.


    We develop performance measures for success that adequately evaluate the progress of teams, projects, and the association as a whole. We have clear management processes and outcomes; we assess efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and quality.

    Long-term relationships

    “Facility Plus Services” is renowned for building truly collaborative and long-term relationships with our customers. We see our customers as much more than partners. These relationships are very much part of how and why we are delivering solutions that redefine the future of corporate care.


    Whether it’s the continual refinement of our solutions to benefit clients, the service promise we make to all of our customers, or the collaborations and partnerships we build internally and externally, speed and flexibility of response have been integral to building the reputation for excellence that we have in the market.

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